The center of excellence for care, teaching and research in dentistry boasts multi-partnership with prestigious international universities, with the aim of encouraging the development of scientific research.

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The center is home to the Master of Science in Dentistry and Prosthodontics, the Degree Course in Dental Hygiene and Master The first and second level. The Dental School of Turin, with its spacious and modern, advanced equipment and the enthusiasm that you breathe can be really the ideal place to study, meet and expand their knowledge

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In the Center there are numerous conferences and seminars.

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The Dental School of the University of Turin is located in the modern center of Lingotto, a jewel of industrial architecture of the early twentieth century and seat of the car manufacturer FIAT, converted to a design Architect Renzo Piano in multipurpose center. Place in prime location, within walking distance from the center, behind Po River and the hills of Turin, houses inside a important conference center, auditorium, art gallery, hotels, restaurants and a large shopping center. The Dental School of Turin, strongly supported by Prof. Giulio Preti and directed by Prof. Stefano Carossa was inaugurated on February 15, 2008 and is located on the second and third floors of the ingot over an area of 14,000 square meters.

Learning Center
The Dental School of Turin, has a multi-year partnership with major manufacturers of equipment and professional tools precision essential in our profession. Thanks to a synergy and partnership with these companies we can offer Students' tools and equipment of last generation, allowing them to learn and perform the techniques of operation current and refined.
Clinical Activity
The previous two activities are combined in the assistance of those who turn to the center for treatment that are carried out under the concessions.
The essential mission of the Center is to promote interaction and the integration of different skills at the end of the realization of research and training in the field dell'odontostomatologia. the Centre aims to promote broad scientific collaboration with public research institutions and private national and international, with other universities and research centers application, for purposes consistent with institutional objectives.